Clauson.Photography - The Difference

I value the practice of photography. In an era dominated by smart phone images, I believe there’s still a necessary place for the “photographer”. Unfortunately, photographers have become lazy. It’s all too common to find images with blown out skies and poor compositions, with a clear reliance on camera Auto settings.

How Am I Different?

While “fancy” cameras are accessible to virtually anyone, it’s all too easy to let the camera do the work for you. This is even more so with modern mirrorless cameras offering features like face detect focus/exposure, eye detection and even smile detection! While these features can be great, I believe they, in no way, replace a photographers understanding of light, exposure, and composition. I prefer to shoot in manual mode 100% of the time, exposing for how I want the image to look, not the camera. I use artificial lighting in manual mode as well, thereby avoiding underpowered or overpowered flash images. My cameras are incredible tools for me, and I get the most out of them, but I control the output, not the technology. I use the very best prime lenses that get the most out of my subjects. It’s often stated in photographic circles that “it’s not about the gear”. While the spirit behind that sentiment is true, the fact is that good quality gear is an investment for a reason, and the results speak for themselves.

The Result

My goal is to produce images that give people pause. Images that are destined to be hung proudly for friends and family, or showcased in a model’s portfolio. I constantly push myself to continually improve in my image making ability, both technically and creatively. I genuinely enjoy collaborating with clients, getting to know them, and making them part of the process.

Portrait Session

On location portrait sessions in the Greater Sacramento area include initial phone or, in some cases, in person consult. The session includes one hour of shooting at an agreed upon location. The base package includes 10 edited, digital, images for you to print as you like.

Starting at $200


Weddings are too personal and unique to generalize proper service. It’s your day, and I will not be in the way. However, my confidence and skill will leave you at ease on this very special occasion. All services include an engagement session. 

Starting at $3000

Birthdays, other events

On location services in the Greater Sacramento area include initial phone consult and one hour of photography. Custom edits on 30 full resolution photos will be yours forever.



Landscape and other prints available for purchase. Please inquire.